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A complete solution for data recovery.

MRT Pro is a combination of software and hardware solutions that specializes in both hard disk drive (HDD) repair and data recovery. Comprised of two parts, the hardware aspect has a special MRT SATA controller card, which allows two HDDs to be repaired simultaneously. Through the advanced hardware technology, the repair of HDDs (such as bad sector repair), recovery of firmware can be conducted at factory mode where firmware and microcode is accessible.

Product Description


  • Support of all IDE (CE, CF, ZIF), SATA (MICRO SATA);
  • Support 1.8 inch, 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch with a capacity of up to 4TB;
  • Provide two SATA ports and one IDE port;
  • Support the recovery of corrupted firmware in HDDs;
  • Support the ability to unlock hard drive password (i.e. decrypt the hard drive);
  • Support data recovery and HDDs repair due to failed read/write heads;
  • Support virtual head map technology;
  • Supportt the repair of HDDs with physically-damaged sectors;
  • Support disk imaging, image with head map, with speeds of up to 120M/sec
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